Groundbreaker vs. RealPage IMS: A Syndication Suitability Comparison

By Jeff Hamann

In the dynamic landscape of real estate syndication, selecting the right platform is pivotal. Groundbreaker and RealPage IMS offer distinct capabilities tailored to different needs. This detailed comparison sheds light on each platform’s approach to key features, helping small to medium-sized syndicators make an informed decision.

CRM: Streamlining Investor Management

Groundbreaker’s CRM is designed to be both simple and effective. It’s tailored for smaller teams, focusing on the essentials of investor management with an intuitive interface that simplifies daily operations. This approach makes managing investor data and relationships straightforward, especially appealing to those who prefer a no-fuss CRM solution.

In contrast, RealPage IMS offers a more robust CRM system. It’s designed for larger operations, providing expansive tools for broad investor engagement. Its capabilities extend to performance dashboards and efficient communication tools, making it a fit for firms with more complex investor relations needs.

Investor Portal: Accessibility and Engagement

Groundbreaker’s investor portal stands out for its user friendliness. Offering 24/7 access, it simplifies investor relations, providing a platform where investors can easily navigate and access essential information without getting overwhelmed.

RealPage IMS takes a more detailed approach with its investor portal. It features self-service dashboards that offer comprehensive performance insights and analytics. While more complex, it’s a robust solution for syndicators who require depth in their investor engagement.

Investor Communications: Keeping It Personal

Groundbreaker excels in personalizing investor communications. It offers direct and straightforward communication tools, enabling syndicators to maintain a close and personal touch with their investors, which is crucial for building lasting relationships.

RealPage IMS also offers efficient communication tools but with a broader scope. Catering to larger operations, it provides a range of options to engage current and prospective investors, making it suitable for more diversified communication strategies.

Distributions: Automation for Efficiency

Groundbreaker shines in distribution automation. It simplifies what could be a complex process by automatically calculating and posting distributions, notifying investors, and handling ACH fund transfers, all updated in real time. This feature is particularly beneficial for teams looking to streamline their distribution process.

RealPage IMS, on the other hand, automates distributions, including complex waterfall calculations. While offering more advanced features, it’s geared towards larger operations that handle more intricate distribution structures.

Fundraising: Simplifying Capital Raises

Groundbreaker’s approach to fundraising is designed for ease and effectiveness. With tools for real-time publishing and targeted outreach, it simplifies the capital raising process, making it more accessible for smaller syndicators.

RealPage IMS offers a comprehensive set of tools for fundraising as well, including integrated marketing and electronic signature capabilities. Its system is designed to reduce the time and effort involved in capital raising, suitable for larger campaigns.

Investor Reporting: Clarity Meets Detail

In investor reporting, Groundbreaker offers clear and visually appealing reports. The focus is on providing straightforward performance metrics that reflect investor contributions and distributions in a format that’s easy to understand.

RealPage IMS provides more detailed investor reporting. It offers online investor statements and secure account statements on demand, catering to syndicators who require a more detailed and analytical approach to investor reporting.

K-1 Sharing: Secure and Efficient Tax Document Handling

Groundbreaker streamlines the K-1 distribution process. It offers secure and efficient ways to share K-1 tax statements in bulk, ensuring accuracy and saving time for the syndication team.

RealPage IMS includes a document management system for K-1 sharing. It facilitates the secure distribution of individual K-1 statements, making it a robust solution for managing these important tax documents.

Deal Rooms: Professional and User Friendly

Groundbreaker’s deal rooms provide a professional and easy-to-use platform for sharing deal documents. It simplifies the due diligence process for both syndicators and investors, ensuring all relevant information is accessible in one place.

RealPage IMS incorporates a built-in deal room within its document management system. This feature streamlines the delivery of secure forms and reports, suitable for larger operations that require comprehensive deal room functionalities.

RealPage IMS or Groundbreaker? The Final Word

Choosing between Groundbreaker and RealPage IMS boils down to the specific needs and scale of your syndication operations. For those valuing simplicity and direct engagement, Groundbreaker offers a fantastic experience. Conversely, RealPage IMS caters to larger, more complex operations with its extensive and detailed features.

Your first step: Assess your syndication goals and operational complexity to determine which platform aligns best with your objectives.

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