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Your investors shouldn’t need to contact you to know how much they invested. Your team shouldn’t need to open five spreadsheets to answer simple questions. Your Investor Reporting Software does.

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Investor Reporting

Our real estate investor reporting software helps you elevate your game without creating more work for your team. Reporting deal metrics on an individual investor level is typically reserved for large institutional investors. With Groundbreaker investment management software, you can offer investor reporting, no matter how large or small.

Report on real estate investment contributions, distributions, and return on equity. Track performance since inception or over a specified time frame. The quality of your reporting reflects how much you care about your real estate investors. When you offer high-quality reporting, your investors feel it.

Generate on-brand, visually appealing reports from your platform for hands-off reporting

Provide clear investment performance metrics

Ensure appropriate access to information for the right people with account-based permissions

Why you’ll love this tool:

Technology has increased the table stakes for transparency, convenience, and security in all aspects of our lives. Newly minted investors enter the real estate market every day, while others leave their legacies to the next generation. Real estate investment firms who adopt better reporting and communication practices with an investment management software and adapt to these shifts stand to benefit, while those who neglect them run the risk of becoming extinct as competition for investor relations increases.

From a 30,000-foot view, making the switch to a software system that provides high-quality investor reporting and communication tools will improve investor relations and change your real estate syndication business immeasurably. You owe it to yourself and your partners to harvest the hard work you’ve done. Protect your company legacy, upgrade the way you run your CRE investment business, and improve the way your real estate investors see you as an operator.

See what other real estate professionals say about our investor reporting software

“I would highly recommend their investor reporting software and services (and have been) to all syndication operators who are looking for an data room. You should definitely give them a try, you will not be disappointed!”

Heath Jones | Co-Founder at H Squared Capital

“Groundbreaker investor reporting software has made it possible to remain organized with ease when dealing with many investors on a single deal. You’re able to have everything consolidated to a single platform when working these real estate deals. Our investors love the ability to check on the deal in the investor dashboard, and they’ve continually complimented how easy the UI is.”

Connor Stark | Managing Partner at GCM Capital

Go ahead and impress your investors with a new investor reporting software!

Learn more how Groundbreaker investor reporting software helps small- to medium-sized commercial real estate investment firms increase productivity and investor satisfaction by automating fundraising, investor reporting, CRM, data security, investor relations and syndication management workflows.

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