Securities Attorney

Syndication Attorneys legal team can help you from your first $500K deal up to your first $100M fund

You find the investment opportunity; Syndication Attorney’s marketing team can write your business plan, investment summary, or pitch deck, and our legal team can draft plain English offering docs and help you figure out how to share profits with investors.

We’ll form your entities, help you pick the right securities rules to follow, draft the appropriate documents, and do the required filings, all for a reasonable lump sum fee.

Starting A Real Estate Syndicate or Fund?

Raising capital doesn’t have to be hard.

Here’s our process:

During your initial call, we will gather information and determine what you need to legally raise private money. At the end of the call, we will be able to explain the fees and our process.

Once you engage us, our experienced team will draft quality legal documents or marketing materials in plain English that you and your investors will understand. We will keep your syndication moving until you have final docs in hand that you can be proud to show investors.

You’ll have unlimited access to our entire team via email or phone every step of the way. When you close your deal with investors, we’ll do required securities notice filings. All you have to do is raise the money and close your deal.

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Syndication Attorneys and Groundbreaker are now offering discounts to our cross-referred clients.

Now you can get discounts from two highly-respected companies by simply having the right connections.

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What Others Say About Syndication Attorneys

“I’ve interviewed around 10 syndication attorneys. I can honestly say Kim Lisa Taylor is the most knowledgeable attorney I’ve met and also the most giving of her time. I understand why so many people in my group of syndicators have recommended her to me for months. It’s a shame I took more than a day to reach out to her. 5 stars isn’t good enough for her. She will make you feel confident in your next raise because you will know it’s being done legally and with the right structure for your project, and that’s worth at least 10 stars if you’ve never done this before (like myself).”

Scott Matthews

“Syndication Attorneys has played a pivotal role in helping our business structure our syndication deals. They have a very knowledgable staff and we look forward to working with them more in the future.”

David Braylark

“Amazing level of experience and knowledge. There is nothing that Mola and Kim do not know about real estate syndication.”

Carlos Mesquita
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