Real Estate Contact Relationship Management

A commercial real estate CRM built for syndicators and their investor relations teams. As a syndicator, you need a way to manage everything in one place. That’s where our CRM for estate syndication comes in. Sync valuable company data and unlock productivity across your entire team.

Real Estate Contact Relationship Management CRM

CRM for Real Estate Syndication

At its core, real estate investment management is about relationships. So, we’ve carefully designed and built our very own native CRM for investor relations. It sits at the forefront of our investor relationship management software.

Our CRM’s seamless design mirrors your workflow with the ability to log notes, send email, and group investors using tags. Our CRE investor relationship management software makes the mundane more manageable because we’ve made it just that simple to use.

Manage your investor pipeline with total visibility

Organize prospect information, making it easy to find (no more hunting through spreadsheets)

Send personalized emails to many investors in minutes

Keep track of which prospects you’ve reached out to and which ones are farther along in the investment process

Why you’ll love this tool:

Your productivity levels will soar when you can locate and manage investor data, communicate through integrated email, and securely store and disseminate sensitive documents from one central location. There’s no going back to the old-fashioned way of doing things. The time you’ve been spending hunting through email and spreadsheets will turn into time you can use to turn over new opportunities and form relationships that grow your company faster.

Great software doesn’t help you get closer to your goals if it’s too hard to use. Because our CRM for investor relations is so simple, your team will ramp up faster and see greater adoption across the company to drive the results you’re seeking out of your CRE technology partner.

Groundbreaker’s real estate CRM for syndication enables real estate professionals to identify, track, and manage their investor relations within a single system.

See what other real estate professionals say about our CRM:

“The Groundbreaker platform is extremely user-friendly, and the customer service is hands down, bar none. One thing that was immediately clear with the team at Groundbreaker is that they are there to help you grow your real estate business, and they will be with you every step of the way. I would highly recommend their platform and services (and have been) to all syndication operators who are looking for an investor-management solution. You should definitely give them a try, you will not be disappointed!”

Heath Jones | Co-Founder at H Squared Capital

Impress your investors with Groundbreaker’s CRM for Real Estate Syndication!

Learn more how Groundbreaker investor management software helps small- to medium-sized commercial real estate investment firms increase productivity and investor satisfaction with our real estate CRM.

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