Distribution Automation

Automatically calculate and post distributions, notify investors, transfer ACH funds, and update reporting metrics in real-time. What could’ve taken days can be done in minutes with Groundbreaker.

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Distribution Automation

Calculating and issuing distributions can be stressful when you’re sending millions of dollars to real estate investors all over the world. You must get every detail right, and you don’t get a second chance. Why deal with that stress at every distribution?

Our CRE distribution software takes this load off your shoulders and gets you back to doing deals. We verify and approve all investor bank accounts linked electronically with the software in advance of issuing distributions. When you create a distribution in Groundbreaker, we calculate and present you with a draft to check for accuracy.

Once confirmed, an authorized person can send distribution notices and bulk ACH payments with a few clicks. Electronic transfers are processed and tracked until they are settled in each investor’s bank account.

Calculate distribution amounts, transfer ACH funds, and send distribution notices to investors

Record investor bank account information once and reuse it for every distribution

No limits or fees on the frequency or number of electronic transfers

Why you’ll love this tool:

You can spend time double and triple checking distribution calculations, but errors can still happen and kill your productivity. Storing wire instructions in spreadsheets and cross-referencing them is stressful and prone to error.

When you enlist our distribution software system to calculate payment amounts, you build in a level of redundancy and encounter fewer opportunities to make mistakes. You still review and validate payments, but you avoid the headaches and time required to handle distributions the old-fashioned way.

Once you issue distribution payments using our ACH distribution capability, you’ll discover how much more efficient and productive you can be when you let the software manage distribution instructions and issue payments.

See what other real estate professionals say about our distribution automation:

“I’m not sure if I’m able to pick between two: Allowing my LPs to subscribe and ACH fund my deals all from the investor portal, or the ability to send distributions electronically in minutes. Overall, the ease of use is very key, it allows my investors and my team to intuitively work with the platform.”

Ravikiran Thummalapenta | TTI Capital

“Groundbreaker provides an easy to navigate web portal for my investors. Investors actually send me messages praising the technology. With the portal, I can securely deliver K-1s and other messages to investors. Internally, we love the easy distribution process. 4 clicks and done! No more check mailing.”

Justin Smollar | Chief Financial Officer and VC at Method Capital

“We gave Groundbreaker our K-1s, PPMs, subscriptions, distribution statements and they did the rest to launch in under 4 weeks. It has been a pleasure to work with a team that is professional and knowledgeable in real estate. Our investors are delighted and I’m pleased to recommend Groundbreaker.”

National Apartment Partners

Go ahead and impress your investors with new distribution automation!

Learn more about how Groundbreaker helps small- to medium-sized commercial real estate investment firms improve their investor communications and increase productivity and investor satisfaction by automating fundraising, investor reporting, CRM, data security, investor relations and syndication management workflows.

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