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Ridiculously Easy Real Estate podcast is about the individuals behind the Real Estate. Get to know them, their journey, and listen to the engaging stories they tell. Groundbreaker’s own brand ambassador Nino Zangari chats 1:1 with Real Estate Influencers who are reinventing real estate, deal by deal, person by person. For a free demo of Groundbreaker, click the link a the bottom of each episode.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 3: How get through 3,500 deals in 14 days with Amed Hazel from
Episode 3: How get through 3,500 deals ...
In today's episode, Amed Hazel shares his story of when he was burned out and considering quitting his real estate...
August 31, 2022
Episode 2: How to find Off Market Deals with Matt Kamp from
Episode 2: How to find Off Market Deals...
In today's episode, Matt Kamp, head of partnerships at, discusses how to find off-market deals, ge...
August 15, 2022
Episode 1: From DJ to Real Estate Investor with Daniel David from
Episode 1: From DJ to Real Estate Inves...
In today’s episode, Daniel David shares how he transitioned from DJ to becoming a real estate investor. Daniel i...
July 26, 2022

Who is Nino Zangari, the Podcast Host?

Nino Zangari knows real estate investing and syndication from top to bottom. He gained his expertise the old-fashioned way—first by sweeping floors, then by learning every aspect of the industry to found and lead a real estate firm.

For Nino, real estate is about more than just business. It's a way of growing and giving back to others through relationships built on passion, purpose, and determination.

How to get on the Podcast...

If you are in the Real Estate Industry, completed your first deal, just an investor, or a seasoned syndicator with a portfolio of assets I want to interview you and get your message out! I want you to tell your story on my podcast. Steps to make it on the podcast;

  • 1. You are in fact in the real estate industry in someway.

  • 2. You will fill in the calendar provided on this page to book a time.

  • 3. We will then get on the zoom and build rapport (5 minutes)

  • 4. We will go over the format and questions (5 minutes)

  • 5. We will go ahead and record the Podcast (15-30 minutes)