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Software to automate real estate fundraising, portfolio reporting, and investor relations. Because when your firm runs better, your investors feel it!

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Earn investor trust faster with the syndication industry’s
first and most advanced LP investor portal

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Investor Reporting

Give investors better reporting without adding overhead and reduce one-off investor requests. Auto-generate portfolio and asset-level reports and send to investors in minutes.

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Fundraising Automation

Speed up the subscription process with automation. Market your offerings, accept commitments, collect signatures and even receive funding electronically via ACH direct deposit.

Investor Portal Icon
Investor Portal

Give your investors 24/7 access to their investments, including contribution and distribution history, reports and K-1s. Delight them with all their information behind one login.

Investment Management Icon
Investment Management

Manage investor contributions, distributions, entities, and documents for all your assets in one place. Collaborate better with portfolio management, acquisitions, and operations teams to save hours of work so you can gracefully handle more investments.

Investor Relations CRM Icon

Manage one source of data so that accounting, investor relations, and legal teams can sync up in real-time to reduce the back and forth. Leverage tools like email, notes, tags, document tracking, search and more.

Compliance and Security Icon
Compliance and Security

Secure your investment data and protect your investors from wire fraud and leaks with a system built using the same standards as the big banks. Verify investor accreditation, run KYC/AML, and control offering privacy and confidentiality.

Everything you need to elevate your real estate investment
business, wrapped up in one seamless software package.

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We gave Groundbreaker our K-1s, PPMs, subscriptions, distribution statements and they did the rest to launch in under 4 weeks. It has been a pleasure to work with a team that is professional and knowledgeable in real estate. Our investors are delighted and I’m pleased to recommend Groundbreaker.
  — National Apartment Partners

Give your team investment management software that everyone is excited to use. Our clean design makes everything easier — your team will ramp up faster, your company will see quicker results, and your investors will love using it.


Native integrations and matching workflows give CRE syndicators a true sense of the word “automation.” And with just the right amount of features, deal sponsors can get the job done, delight investors and move on to other tasks gracefully.


We’re solely focused on providing investment management software to real estate syndicators. We get constant feedback from our stakeholders who use our software daily to manage and operate their real estate assets. The result? A seamless and powerful experience without bloated features or pricing and it gets better by the day.


As CRE professionals, we faced the same day-to-day issues as you. We’re compassionate to fund managers and investors alike, and remain prepared to hold your hand for a smooth transition so you can evolve your platform without any hiccups.

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