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Thank you for visiting our blog. Just over 4 years ago Groundbreaker began launching tools to help CRE investment firms automate their day to day activities in fundraising, investment management and investor relations. After leading the market in innovation and functionality we took the lessons learned, research, and went back to the drawing board to bring a redefined and re-imagined software experience. To coincide with the launch of our new software suite we also decided to launch this blog.

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Why we’re creating this blog:

Commercial real estate investment companies are experiencing the early days of an era of fast advancement. One that will be plentiful with opportunities but will require us to stay on our toes and adapt quickly to ride the wave popularizing real estate investing. As we deepen our reach with Groundbreaker, we’re also uncovering how technology is growing to become a pillar and a trend in real estate investing. Given this changing world and our position, we think there is plenty of room for producing top-notch content for the benefit of real estate investment professionals.

Allow me be really honest for a moment. Our main goals for creating this blog was to attract you to our site, to gain exposure to more and more companies, and to keep you coming back for more content. Ultimately we expect this to help us further our mission of becoming the most beloved and adopted software suite for CRE investment management, fundraising and investor relations. Altruistic ‘knowledge sharing,’ like too many companies will have you believe, is important to us but came in a distant second to warrant focus here.

What you can expect from our blog:

Here is how we plan on achieving these goals: No poppycock. No fluff. We plan to keep you coming back here by providing a fresh, unprecedented ratio of value-to-time-invested in consuming our content. We want you to see updates from “…” and always choose to visit because you know it will be a read worth your valuable time. This is about respect for your time and earning your respect. This is our promise to you.

We’ll publish guides, informational articles on current events, educational material to help you be better at what you do, research, analysis and insights we uncover. Our team, advisors and guest contributors will create the content you find here. Of course we’ll also share internal news, wins and company related news for those who are closer fans of our product and team.

We look forward to seeing you around our blog and social media pages, and would be honored to have you cheer us on (share our material!) as we move forward with our mission.

Wishing you a groundbreaking day!

–Groundbreaker team

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