Every decision has a cost. You leave money on the table if you don’t leverage technologies that help you close more deals in less time.

This is especially true in real estate — where most software available is decades behind stock investment software. But the old-school methods for closing deals aren’t as effective as they used to be. And they eat up all your free time, which erodes your relationships and ends in burnout.

One of the best new software available for real estate investors is Groundbreaker — an online portal for investors and wholesalers. Not only will this help you close more deals, but it will give you more time to enjoy your life too.

In today’s episode, Jake Marmulstein, co-founder of Groundbreaker, joins me to discuss how wholesalers can better leverage software and COVID trends happening now in the real estate market.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

How to eliminate most of the friction that usually comes attached to wholesale deals

(2:21)  The software trick for simplifying deals where you need multiple investors
(2:45)  How to have one-to-many conversations with investors instead of being limited by one-to-one conversations
(5:28)  Want to get your deals funded while you enjoy dinner with your family? Try this little-known tool…
(7:04)  The stupid-easy way to give your investors peace of mind and stop them from nagging you
(9:03)  This is the most important piece of software to own to “pandemic-proof” your wholesale business
(11:49)  If you’d like to learn more about Groundbreaker and how it can help your wholesale business, check out their website at https://groundbreaker.co/.

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