If you’re a real estate syndicator, you know how vital investment management is to your bottom line. You also know that your relationship with your investors is key to your future success. However, working with investors on various deals can be overwhelming at best and chaotic at worst. But what if it was all automated and streamlined? What if you had all your fundraising, deal details, communications, and distributions in one place? What if this tool enabled your business to look more prominent and more prosperous to your investors? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this podcast is for you.

My guest today, Jake Marmulstein, is the Founder and CEO of Groundbreaker, a software that automates real estate fundraising, investment management, and investor relations. Because when your firm runs better, your investors feel it!

Jake was in commercial real estate buying distressed hotels across the US and thought there had to be a more efficient way to manage his investments and investors. Connecting the dots between real estate and technology, Jake set out to simplify the process of presenting to investors by building efficiency in the back office by streamlining communications all in one investment management platform.

In today’s episode, Jake takes you through Groundbreaker, what it can do, and how it helps investors and syndicators alike. Just think, no more email, excel sheets, or searching desperately for documents. And, you are keeping your investors happy and thankful for your efficiency!

• Managing investor relationships
• No more menial labor
• Presenting to investors
• How Groundbreaker works for syndicators and investors
• Groundbreaker is revolutionary for small to medium syndicators
• Pricing and packages for Groundbreaker
• Making things simple for investors
• Legal advice is only a partner phone call away
• On top of SEC guidelines
• Working with state-specific real estate guidelines
• Perfecting your real estate strategy before pitching your investors
• Sending money through ACH via the Groundbreaker platform
• Adapting to constant technology change and creating an opportunity for growth.