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Last Updated: June 22, 2020

It’s official. The Groundbreaker team will attend and sponsor the Best Ever Conference – 2020.

What: A 2.5 day conference in Keystone Colorado. Counting on over 500 attendees in 2019. 9/10 attendees are full time real estate investors. The conference is put on by Joe Fairless, founder of Ashcroft Capital, author of The Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book, and Ben Lapidus of Spartan Investment Group.

When: Feb 20-22, 2020

Who: From our team, expect to meet Bo Bradarich – Customer Success Manager, Ed Cravo – Dir. of Marketing, and Jake Marmulstein – CEO.

Heads up: Links to the BEC website on this page may earn us a commission for “referring” you over there. They offered it and we figured, hey for every X tickets we refer, it’s a client and/or friend we get to invite next year!

Reasons to Attend

Real Estate Syndicators

You should attend if you are looking to learn and improve your real estate syndication from a group known for putting together some of the most useful content and resources on real estate syndication, then the Best Ever Conference is arguably the best conference you can attend this year. Joe Fairless, not only holds the distinction of having amassed over $800M in assets under management since he started his firm in 2009, but is also one of the most well known real estate syndicator in the World. His “The Best Ever Apartment Syndictation Book” is highly regarded amongst multifamily syndicators. Joe’s podcast boasts over 500,000 monthly downloads and the distinction of being the oldest running daily podcast on real estate investing.

Additionally, you should attend if you are looking to network with potential equity investors and other syndicators who will be in attendance at the Best Ever Conference. The team running the conference makes an IOS and Android app available, through which you can interact with attendees before, during and after the event.

Real Estate Investors (LPs)

You should attend if you are looking to learn the ins and outs of investing in real estate syndication deals and make better decisions. Additionally, if you are looking to meet more deal sponsors and gain access to more investment opportunities, there is probably no better conference to attend. The sponsors at the Best Ever Conference can be considered something of a new age sponsor. Energetic, powerful and hungry for success. These are the sponsors leading real estate syndication into the future, active online and making use of technology tools to produce outsized results for themselves and their LPs.

Service Providers

If you are a service provider to real estate syndicators, you should highly consider grabbing a booth at the Best Ever Conference. Read on this article, there is a live updates and case study section below. In that section we’ll share our experience sponsoring the conference as a case study.

Live Updates & Sponsorship Case Study

In this section we’ll be sharing our experience as attendees and sponsors of the Best Ever Conference. See this section as a transparent and honest overview of the results we were able to achive. This will also be written as a guide on how we achieved results as sponsors of the conference. What worked, what didn’t, what improvements we’ll make next year etc.

Our new conference booth
Our pop up display is off to the printers! We’re really excited about it. It’s a 10 foot, curved, pop-up display.
The art concept is that you can syndicate a building into existence from nothing!

BEC Scavenger Hunt

Best Ever Conference Scavenger Hunt
We “unofficially” organized a scavenger hunt to BEC20. We teamed up with Anderson Advisors, Think MultiFamily, and Civic Financial Services to put together a Best Ever Conference scavenger hunt and pool together incredible prizes. We promoted the scavenger hunt by a “chair drop” we bought from the conference. Friday morning, before the first keynote, the BEC team spread the flyer about the scavenger hunt by putting it in front of every seat.

Swag swag swag

When deciding on what our conference “giveaways” would be, we thought hard about making them super useful. We though, what good is a low quality frisbee or flimsy waterbottle? We really wanted to pleasantly surprise our audience. So we picked two promotional items to give away.

  • Microfiber cloth for cleaning your device screens and glasses

The microfiber cloth was so popular that dozens of people took 2+, citing their need for more of them!

  • Whitelabelled cold brew coffee cans

Huge shoutout to our people at Rise Brewing Co! They worked with us to help us bring you nearly 500 7-oz cans of cold brew coffee. We had a label designed and printed that we could apply onto the cans to add our branding to the cans. Our designer did such a wonderful job, but it was beautiful to a fault in some ways. On one hand we got to show our audience that beauty and effective design is part of our ethos, on the other, it looked so perfect that many never realized we had rebranded the cans!

The Results

It feels a bit incomplete to quantify results here, but this is a case study after all so we’ll do some of that as well.

First is first though. We made so many friends at the Best Ever Conference. It was incredible. The people that attend the conference are hands down some of the most easy-going, outgoing, friendly, and collaborative people in the World. Almost everyone we met was there to make friends and figure out how to work together and support each other in the future. We have kept in touch with our new friends, we’ve called on them for advice, we’ve been invited to their podcasts, and we continue to help each other.

New customers: At the time of writing, it has been 4 months since the conference, and so far we have 8 new Groundbreaker users whom we met at the conference.

New Leads: We left the conference having made contact with approximately 80+ real estate investment companies who expressed interest in Groundbreaker.

Learnings: By speaking with prospective users of our platform in person, we were able to uncover their desires and needs. We came back home with ideas on how to improve our product to better serve our audience.

We intend on attending and sponsoring again in 2021. In fact, we very much look forward to coming back to Colorado and see all of you, one more time!