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In 2021 we helped our customers raise $2 billion from 19,000+ investors

Fundraising automation software

Close deals faster with less work

Our fundraising automation tools streamline every part of the subscription process, from publishing offerings to funding.

  • Make a winning impression on investors
  • Run personalized email campaigns (coming soon)
  • Allow users to seamlessly subscribe
  • Give investors an an amazing experience

Real estate syndication and investor management made easy

Groundbreaker has made it possible to remain organized with ease when dealing with many investors on a single deal. You're able to have everything consolidated to a single platform when working their real estate deals.

Connor Stark | Partner at GCM Capital

GCM Capital uses Groundbreaker's investor management software

Investor Portal

Attract and retain top investors

Elevate your brand and provide a better investor experience with Groundbreaker’s real estate investor reporting software. The convenience and transparency your investors expect from you has finally arrived.

  • Convenient investor self-service
  • Transparent report access
  • Single login for all transactions
  • Simplified document management

Save money while closing more deals

Groundbreaker provides an easy-to-navigate web portal for my investors. Investors actually send me messages praising the technology. With the portal, I can securely deliver K-1s and other messages to investors. No more check mailing.

Justin Smollar | Chief Financial Officer and VC at Method Capital

Investor Reporting Software

Elevate your presentation

Do your investors have to contact you to know how much they’ve invested? Does your team have to open a spreadsheet to answer simple questions? Not anymore. Groundbreaker’s Investor Reporting Software puts all this information at your fingertips.

  • On-brand, visually appealing reports
  • Clear, concise investment performance metrics
  • Secured access to sensitive information
The Groundbreaker platform is extremely user-friendly and the customer service is hands-down bar none. One thing that was immediately clear with the team at Groundbreaker is that they are there to help you grow your real estate business and they will be with you every step of the way.

Heath Jones | Co-Founder at HSquared Capital

Automate Your Distribution

Solve Your Distribution Problems

Automatically calculate and post distributions, notify investors, transfer ACH funds, and update reporting metrics in real-time. Groundbreaker does in minutes what would otherwise take days.

  • Auto-calculated distribution amounts
  • Stored investor bank account details
  • No limits or fees

Save hours and hours of time

I'm not sure if I'm able to pick between two: Allowing my LPs to subscribe and ACH fund my deals all from the investor portal, or the ability to send distributions electronically in minutes.

Ravikiran Thummalapenta | Principal at TTI Capital


Get CRE debt faster than ever

Complete your capital stack with Janover, the leading CRE loan marketplace that matches you with the right financing options from 2,400+ lenders.

  • Fast loan application
  • Powerful matching
  • Smart document management
  • Expert guidance

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Raise capital faster

Groundbreaker’s fundraising workflows allows GPs to coordinate a capital raise of millions of dollars in a matter of days, with less effort and hours spent working.

Stay organized

Groundbreaker allows GPs to be more organized with documents and communication, ultimately reducing the complexity of raising funds, making distributions, and reporting to investors.

Increase quality of service

Groundbreaker makes it easy to be more transparent and engaging with LPs. You build trust and create happy LPs who fund more often, make larger investments, close deals faster, and refer their friends.

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Investors like you have funded billions using Groundbreaker

National Apartment Partners uses Groundbreaker's investor management softwareGCM Capital uses Groundbreaker's investor management software

"For those who are looking for a portal, Groundbreaker is a no-brainer. And that high level of customer service plus education… It’s super helpful."

Mike Taravella | Asset Manager at Rand Partners

Everything you need to elevate your real estate investment business, wrapped up in one seamless software package.